Transforming a Coca-Cola Box into a VR Viewer

There is no doubt that the low-price and simplicity of a Google Cardboard VR viewer has helped millions of users around the world get a taste of VR with just their mobile phone, a few lens parts and some cardboard. We have even seen Cardboard help do amazing things like letting a Grandma see her grandchildren for the first-time.

Now Coca-Cola is showing us what can be done by recycling the cardboard from a 12-pack box of soda to make a Cardboard VR viewer from home, making this magical cardboard device that more accessible to the world.

In the latest video shown above, uploaded to Coca-Cola’s corporate YouTube account, the company highlights a new packaging prototype and how they converted the soda box into a VR viewer. Three 12-pack boxes are shown being folded and assembled into three different versions of a viewer – Origami, Custom and Insert. Now you just only need your phone, a few lens parts and some patience to create your own.


The VR cardboard viewers are just an experiment for now by the company, but shows what is possible by just recycling cardboard packaging – and they sure make it look simple in the video.

Last year we saw Kellogg promote their Nutri-Grain cereal by allowing consumers to turn the cereal box into a Cardboard VR viewer, with the cereal box prize inside being the lens to help assemble it all together.


“Cardboard headsets are democratizing VR for the masses,” says Nick Felder, global group director of Film and Music Production for Coca-Cola. “They’re affordable, viable and a damn good experience.”

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