Chevrolet Off-Road Oculus Rift Showroom Experience

Immersive Experience for Showrooms Includes In-Car Sounds and Vibrations

Chevrolet has developed a virtual reality experience in collaboration with Isobar Australia for its Chevy Colorado truck that lets showroom customers experience a passenger drive through the mountains of New Zealand. The “CoDriver” immersive experience simulates the sensations of in-car sounds and vibrations all while rocking an Oculus Rift headset.

Participants sit in the front passenger seat of a specially-fitted Chevy Colorado High Country pickup truck while they view a combination of both CGI and 360-degree video footage. ‘The Delivery’ experience transports passengers to the rugged terrain of New Zealand and casts them as the role of CoDriver to navigate rugged terrain and river crossings on a mysterious mission to deliver a box.

The project was unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show this week and is scheduled to be rolled out across showrooms starting in May.


“We want our customers to experience the capabilities of the Colorado in a tough and rugged environment. It would be impossible to take all our customers on an off-road adventure in New Zealand, so we are bringing the location and the action to them via this virtual reality simulation,” said Una Tan, Marketing Director of Chevrolet Sales Thailand.

It appears that the video trailer from Isobar Australia of the experience shows off an Oculus Rift with Leap Motion sensor and the actual experience created for the Bangkok International Motor Show has a custom painted Oculus Rift cover that includes Chevrolet branding.

Dave Budge, Executive Creative Director, Isobar Australia added, “We tried to create an experience that would transport people into another world that extends on the dealership environment.”

This past week we saw the latest virtual reality experiences at the New York Auto Show coming from Toyota, Lexus, and Chrysler. We can now add Chevrolet into the mix of immersive experiential marketing projects and are looking forward to many more.

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