Bringing Beethoven to the Masses with Virtual Reality

VAN Beethoven VR Los Angeles Oculus

LA Philharmonic is launching a mobile virtual reality orchestral experience tour utilizing the Oculus Rift in select locations around Los Angeles.

The entire VR experience on wheels is being dubbed the VAN Beethoven (because a van/truck) and will run from September 11th to October 18th.


The VAN Beethoven customized truck will give visitors an opportunity to experience the first minutes of Beethoven’s timeless Symphony No. 5, led by Gustavo Dudamel at Walt Disney Concert Hall, in an immersive 360-degree environment.

Visitors will climb aboard the VAN Beethoven truck, complete with carpet and seating from Walt Disney Concert Hall, and put on an Oculus Rift headset connected to the Orchestra VR virtual reality app. Shot with binaural audio capture, users will get the full augmented soundtrack that adapts to the viewer’s perspective. Whether the person is sitting in front of the orchestra or standing amidst the symphony, the music will shift to reflect listener-specific positions. The focus on capturing quality audio will definitely enhance the sense of presence watching and listening to the orchestra.


VAN Beethoven is expected to visit parks, festivals, and museums around Los Angeles, providing a memorable experience of the symphony for individuals that might not normally think to visit the LA Philharmonic.

The entire VR experience was shot on stage at the Wald Disney Concert Hall. Interactive agency Secret Location produced the project with customized 8-camera GoPro rigs and binaural audio recording setup around the orchestra.


The VAN Beethoven experience will be available as a free app called Orchestra VR in the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR app stores starting this September.

For the full VAN Beethoven schedule visit their site:

Be sure to check back when VRScout visits VAN Beethoven and gets the full VR symphony experience next month.

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