8i Introduces 3D Video #100humans Portrait Series

8i 100 Humans VR Portrait Series

New Zealand-based startup 8i has unveiled their latest project utilizing light field technology to capture 100 portraits in the first-ever 3D video portrait series.

With the likes of Samsung, Nokia, and Google touting their latest 360-degree cameras, 8i is moving forward with a different approach and taking off-the-shelf video cameras to create 3D videos that can be viewed from different angles. 8i is basically transforming flat video into rich 3D experiences that will mesh  with VR devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Linc Gasking, CEO of 8i, explained to us, “With the #100humans project we are exploring how 3D video offers a counterintuitive new way of creating an authentic emotional connection to other people using virtual reality.”

In conjunction with their proprietary software, 8i is looking to make their technology available to any creators looking to also build immersive experiences with standard cameras.

8i is not just testing this on just a few subjects either. Over the past month, they have opened up a studio in LA and have been inviting artists, athletes, educators, social media influencers, and even a few familiar veteran VR faces, to stand in for their #100humans portrait series.

Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Surrounded by around 20 cameras in front of a green screen in the studio, VR pioneers like Nonny de la Peña and Jacquelyn Ford Morie got a first hand look at the technology, standing in front of the camera for their #100humans portrait session.

Nonny de la Peña

Nonny de la Peña

8i is continually adding more 3D video portraits for the #100humans project, with the final video for de la Peña and Morie to come soon. You can check the rest out at and can also grab the Oculus Rift downloader for PC here.

Images courtesy of 8i

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