360° Camera Lets Daughter Ride Cat in VR

Dad builds insanely cute VR simulation for insanely cute daughter.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about super parent Toby Newman. The VR hobbyist, and recipient of VRScout’s 2017 highly-coveted (not really) Dad Of The Year Award, has already made waves on the web for his work creating a virtual reality tour of his daughters favorite dollhouse.

Well it appears as though Toby was just getting started, as the high-tech papa is back yet again with another project that uses VR to make his adorable little girl the happiest kid on Earth. 

Continuing with his use of 360-degree video, Toby has created a homemade simulation of what it would be like to ride the back of their pet cat around the home. Here’s what you’ll absolutely 100% need if you too would like to go first-person cat:

  • Portable 360-degree video camera.
  • Adjustable cat harness.
  • Cat.
  • Large plushy of ‘Scar’ from Lion King (essential).

Toby begins by attaching his 360-degree camera (a Ricoh Theta 360) to the cat harness using strong industrial tape. He then slips the new mount onto his cat, Bina, and begins recording as the feline goes about her usual cat-like activities around the house. His daughter then slips on an HTC Vive, where she views the curious adventures of her favorite kitty all in VR. As an added touch, Toby had his daughter sit on a large cat plushy to make her truly feel as though she was saddled right on the cat’s back. It’s not required that the plushy be official Lion King brand, but it certainly helps.

The result is one of the cutest VR-related videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. The amount of fun his daughter has as she rides on the back of her cat in VR is infectious. Halfway through the short video I found myself incapable of frowning as her giggling and pure excitement had cemented a permanent smile on my face.

Toby is just the kind of amateur developer that truly gives me hope for the future of virtual and augmented reality. His DIY attitude and creative problem solving prove that at-home hobbyists can have just as much impact on the industry as more established, well-funded developers.

Although his YouTube is just starting to get noticed, I highly recommend you give his channel quick follow as he more than likely has more cool projects on the horizon. It’s the wild west out there right now, which means anyone from anywhere can do anything. Hopefully more part-time enthusiasts follow Toby’s lead and lend their efforts towards pushing this technology forward.

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