Zoom Meetings Heading To VR On Oculus Quest 2 Next Year

One of the most popular teleconferencing programs in the world joins Facebook’s new VR co-working platform.

Facebook today announced a partnership with Zoom Video Communications to bring the company’s popular teleconferencing software program to Horizon Workrooms, marking a major milestone for the recently released VR co-working platform.

Image Credit: Zoom Video Communications

Horizon Workrooms launched this past August on Oculus Quest 2 headsets. The platform makes excellent use of the headset’s many unique features to offer a one-of-a-kind VR co-working solution unlike anything currently available on the market.

A combination of remote desktop streaming and hand-tracking technology allows you to access your personal computer and type on your real-world keyboard without having to remove your headset. There’s also a virtual whiteboard, notetaking capabilities, support for video calls, and more.

Beginning next year, Horizon Workrooms will feature support for Zoom Meetings, allowing you to more easily connect with those outside of VR. Zoom Whiteboard integration lets you jot down notes and brainstorm with other users across multiple platforms. Hopefully, we’ll be able to interact with the Zoom Whiteboard by flipping the Touch controller around and using the end as a makeshift stylus, similar to the default Horizon Workrooms whiteboard.

You can learn more about Zoom Meetings on Horizon Workrooms at Zoomtopia, an annual celebration of the platform and its partners and users. The event runs from September 13-14th remotely via Zoom Events.

Image Credit: Facebook

“The way we work is changing, and we’re excited that Zoom and Workrooms are coming together to help you and your colleagues defy distance to stay connected and productive, across realities,” states the company in an official blog post.

Zoom Meetings will be available on Horizon Workrooms beginning next year. Facebook’s VR coworking platform is available now in open beta.

Feature Image Credit: Zoom Video Communications

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