‘Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures’ Brings Comedic Space Combat To SteamVR

Manage your ship’s systems via a room-scale cockpit in this fast-paced arcade shooter.

Coming this August to SteamVR headsets, Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures promises a one-of-a-kind arcade shooting experience in which players are tasked with battling a race of deadly aliens and escaping the solar system while, at the same time, keeping their spaceship afloat by managing resources and interacting with the room-scale cockpit.

This fully-interactive environment allows you to control nearly every aspect of your ship, from the lights and pressure to the temperature and stabilization. Anytime there’s a problem, such as a hull breach or oxygen leak, you’ll need to manually rectify the issue using your own two hands.

Thankfully, you’ll have a regular supply of Ziggy’s to assist you in your daring escape. Stolen from the aforementioned race of deadly aliens, this bite-sized alien creature can actually be used to power your ship’s internal systems; a heart-breaking, but crucial part of space travel.

When you’re not busy keeping your spacecraft from falling apart, you’ll engage in fast-paced space combat against a variety of foes. Using your skills as a pilot, you’ll need to dodge asteroids while simultaneously cutting through waves of enemy reinforcements. You can evade enemy fire by performing evasive maneuvers, such as barrel rolls, or manage your ship’s shields to deflect their attacks.

Image Credit: Stardust Collective

According to developer Stardust Collective, each playthrough of Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures will take you on a new path across the solar system, offering a unique experience each and every time you start up a new campaign. As you progress, each level will present new challenges that will force you to rethink your existing strategies.

Those who go the extra mile can earn additional in-game trophies which can be displayed throughout your ship. A galactic leaderboard and time trials are also currently in the works.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures will be available in Autumn 2021 for $24.99. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Stardust Collective

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