YUR Launches Fitness Tracking VR Smartwatch For Oculus Quest

Track your estimated hear rate, squats, and calories burned without taking off your headset.

Fitness-focused VR developer YUR today announced the release of, a virtual smartwatch device compatible with a massive selection of existing PC VR titles, as well as several Oculus Quest releases. The VR extension sits conveniently on your virtual wrist, offering pain-free access to your workout progress.

A simple swipe of your wrist activates the sleeve extension, opening up access to a host of useful information:

  • Heart Rate Estimate
  • Local Time
  • Squat Counter
  • Daily Calorie Goal
  • YUR Leveling (1-60) Unlock Watches
  • PIN Login
  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Integration for any Unity game
(Image Credit: YUR)

This early access build features compatibility with a select lineup of Oculus Quest titles, including Sairento, RacketNX, OhShape, and Synth Riders. Burning calories gain you XP which can be used to unlock different skins for your VR smartwatch, such as Common, Uncommon, and Rare. According to YUR there are a total of 60 levels in which to advance.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), YUR is offering the sleeve free for a limited time. There’s also a companion app you can download free on iOS and Android.

(Image Credit: YUR)

“Over the course of the last quarter we’ve seen an incredible shift in the world due to COVID-19, people are looking for new avenues to stay active while at-home,” said Dilan Shah of YUR. “Now, over 5.1+ million workouts have been logged by over 60,000 users; and with so much time spent at home now is the time to join them.”

Feature Image Credit: YUR

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