Say Hello To The 2018 VR Creator Lab

Another year, another handful of amazing creators taking on an exciting new format.

Last year we partnered with YouTube to develop the VR Creator Lab – a dedicated learning and production program held at YouTube Space LA. The Creator Lab was designed to help innovative creators expand their content in new directions using immersive technology by pairing them with a mentor group of industry-leading experts.

Three months later, we were left with some of the most inventive and entertaining pieces of 360° content to ever hit the web. In fact the results were so pleasing, we decided to do it all again!

Back for another round of fresh filmmaking, this year’s YouTube Creator Lab joined forces with Daydream to flip the script and focus exclusively on VR180. A relatively new form of immersive content, VR180 cuts the standard 360° format in half, allowing creators to more easily direct the users attention while still providing a captivating and immersive experience.

This year’s finalists boldly went where very few have gone before to create their own pioneering VR180 content. We also decided to open up our casting beyond YouTube creators, making room for several noteworthy independent filmmakers.

Here are the immensely talented creators who assisted in helping us explore and define the exciting new format:


As a content/video producer across all Yahoo channels, a producer for the international Adventure Film Festival as well as a professional rock climber, Abbey is a creative with diverse talents.


Having worked full-time in immersive storytelling since 2016, Alton has created multiple VR experiences and activations with various bands, over the course of which developing a genuine understanding and appreciation for the type of stories that can be told in VR.


Having worked in lightfield technology and animation under VR veterans Vangelis Lympouridis and Mark Bolas at MxR Studio whilst attending USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, Ayana is no stranger to the world of immersive media.


Actress, celebrity chef, author, TV personality, wife to Steph Curry, is there anything this woman can’t do? The short answer: no. So it comes as no surprise that the stunning entrepreneur has no fears about expanding her content in new directions.


BETNetworks is always looking to keep the African American music and entertainment scene on the cutting-edge and recognizes the potential VR180 content could have on the future of media.


Before you even ask, yes, THAT Cirque Du Soleil. The world’s greatest circus is joining the fray in the hopes of bringing their captivating live shows directly to the living room.


Alpinist and outdoor enthusiast Graham Zimmerman knows an adventure when he sees one, which probably explains his excitement towards this year’s Creator Lab. As co-founder of Bedrock Film Works, Graham and creative director Jim Aikman are looking to VR180 to add new levels of immersion to the thrill-seekers’ already blood-pumping content.


With a genuine curiosity towards the potential implications of VR media, LosPolinesios is looking to learn more about the rapidly expanding medium, while at the same time exposing the new technology to their massive Spanish-speaking audience.


One of the largest providers of Top 10 lists on YouTube, MsMojo has secured a dominant position within pop culture media thanks to nearly 3 years of daily uploads which have amassed almost 1.5 million subscribers in the process.


With over 150 completed edits of various television shows under his belt as well as an extensive background in animation, Paul has lent his efforts to a wide range of projects from LEGO Ghostbusters, LEGO Jurassic Park and LEGO Good Morning America, to The Adventures of Rocky Bullwinkle revival and Brick Battles.

You can check these out on his YouTube channel – DigitalWizardStudio.


A media pioneer herself, Sabrina is responsible for producing an interactive, long-distance concert on national television. For this she received an Emmy and Clio Award.


An independent filmmaker based out of Santa Clarita, California, Sean has lent his talents to multiple projects as an actor, producer, writer, you name it. An outspoken advocate of new media, Sean is electrified to showcase his abilities as a storyteller on a bold new format, as well as educate aspiring creators on budget film production.

There you have it! Another year filled with extremely promising talent tackling another exciting new technology. If there was ever a group of creators that could succeed in popularizing a bleeding-edge format, this is it. We cannot wait to show you what this year’s talented batch of storytellers brought to the table using YouTube’s VR180 format.

This years Creator Lab kicked off June 4th-6th at YouTube Space LA. A final screening event of the finished projects will take place this October.

Imaged Credit: People / IMDB / LinkedIn / BETNetworks / MsMojo / Cirque Du Soleil / AR13 / Metiza

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