YouTube Creator Lab Returns To London

Applications are now open for the international VR creator program.

Since 2017, we’ve been teaming up with YouTube to provide scores of highly talented, ambitious creators from across the world with the skills and resources essential to developing the next generation of immersive media. In that time we’ve helped facilitate the creation of some truly incredible VR content alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment.

In support of these forward-thinking creators, YouTube has provided a considerable amount of training, equipment, and other valuable resources to help them establish the groundworks for a brand new form of entertainment.

At YouTube Space Tokyo, we teamed up with major creators—such as the traveling family of Bilingirl Chika, the kawaii home chef Ochikeron channel, and the light-hearted variety vloggers over at BomBomTV—to bring a new wave of captivating VR180 content to Japanese audiences. At YouTube Space Los Angeles, we worked side-by-side with a variety of big-name personalities like Los Polinesios, Partick Starr, and Titanic Sinclair; as well as major brands, such as Cirque du Soleil, BET, and Buzzfeed.

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In 2018, we took our efforts to the Swinging City, aka London, bringing insight and resources to some of Europe’s hottest talents; the results exceeded our wildest expectations. We went behind-the-scenes with Got Talent Global for a better look at the hit show Britain’s Got Talent, tasted a sample of Romanian horror with Andra Gogan, and jumped head-first into the world of fútbol with Footroll from Poland.

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One year later and YouTube Creator Lab is heading back to London to support and nurture another batch of ambitious creators eager to take on the next generation of immersive entertainment.

Kicking off June 25th at YouTube Space London near King’s Cross Station, Creator Lab London 2019 will feature three days of nonstop workshops, coaching, pre-production, and social activities designed to give creators all the skills and equipment required to produce AAA VR180 content.

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Following the end of the three-day intensive boot camp, the cohort will meet periodically over Google Hangouts as they spend the next three months producing a minimum of four original and experimental VR180 videos and one optional behind-the-scenes video. During that time, Creator Lab will provide teams with funding, audio and video equipment, and even production stages. Of course, we’ll be with each team along the way, providing any support, insight, or mentorship they may need throughout the production and development process.

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So, how about it? Feel like ushering in a new era of immersive content? Well then here’s what you’ll need:

Those looking to join the cohort must be 18 years old and own a non-consumer brand YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers and zero current copyright or Terms of Service strikes. You’ll also need access to high-bandwidth internet access for video conferencing, as well as a laptop for the three-day boot camp. Groups are welcome to participate, however, there is a maximum of three members per team.

Applications are open now until May 20th at 5pm BST. Those selected for the cohort will be notified May 27th, with the first day of boot camp kicking-off June 25th at YouTube Space London.

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