YouTube Creator Lab 2019 Returns To LA

Applications are now open for the latest round of VR180 education and mentorship.

Since 2017, VRScout has been partnering with YouTube to develop and foster a growing community of immersive content creators. Working alongside some of the biggest names on YouTube, we’ve seen some truly incredible VR videos that have helped push the technology, and its potential, in directions we couldn’t possibly have anticipated.

Image Credit: MASA’s Emmy-winning “Mission Control 360 Live: Cassini Finale at Saturn”

Whether it be an eye-opening VR180 contortion act from the team at Cirque du Soleil or the hilarious VR180 stop-motion sketches from the twisted minds of TheMostPopularGirls, it’s clear the future of immersive entertainment lies in the capable hands of YouTubers. Tag along with the VagaBrothers in Peru and check out Andra Gogan with her Romanian horror series. Join the ranks of Buzzfeed, NASA, Taryn Southern, and BlackboxTV; all of whom  produced award winning videos in our first ever LA Creator Lab. NASA’s Cassini Probe footage even won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program.

For the past two years, we’ve worked alongside dozens of high-profile creators at YouTube Spaces around the world, including Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London, to encourage and promote immersive content. Now, at the early stages of 2019, we’re kicking off another year of Creator Lab education and mentorship for a select group of creators looking to harness the power of VR180.

Zumanity Hoops Contortion Act in VR180 / Image Credit: Cirque du Soleil

The three month intensive program kicks off with a three-day Boot Camp” April 16 – 19 at YouTube Space Los Angeles in Playa Vista, California, where select creators will learn everything they need to start creating VR content. In the following months, creators will produce four original VR180 videos and an optional fifth behind-the-scenes release.

The support doesn’t end with the boot camp. Throughout the production of four videos, creators will receive funding, camera and audio equipment, sound stages, and ongoing support from industry veterans.

Image Credit: YouTube

Applications are open now until March 11th at 5pm PST. Applicants must be 18 years or older and own a YouTube channel with at least 100,000 subscribers, zero current copyright or Terms of Service strikes, and isn’t an official consumer brand.

Other requirements include regular access to high-speed internet for video conferencing, a personal laptop, and the ability to speak fluent English.

Think you may have what it takes? Submit your application here to get started on your road to VR stardome!

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