You Can Now Try Green Hell VR For Free On PC VR Headsets

Developer Incuvo drops a new gameplay trailer alongside a free demo as part of Steam Next Fest.

Steam Next Fest, an annual celebration of upcoming games, is officially underway and as part of this year’s festivities VR developer Incuvo is offering a brief demo of its highly-anticipated VR port of the widely-celebrated survival crafting game Green Hell. Incuvo has also launched a new trailer showcasing even more of the brutal gameplay, from wild animal attacks to advanced crafting mechanics.

Based on Creepy Jar’s 2018 PC game, Green Hell VR is an open-world survival game that has you struggling to survive the harsh realities of life in the Amazon rainforest. In order to survive, you’ll need to build shelter, hunt and forage for food, and defend yourself from a variety of unexpected dangers. Unlike kid-friendly survival crafting experiences such as Minecraft and Terraria, Green Hell VR takes a darker approach to the genre, dropping the player in a veritable hellscape where disease and danger lurk around every corner.

The Steam Festival demo, while short, offers a top-to-bottom taste of the core gameplay experience. The demo begins with you arriving in your jungle “paradise” and setting up camp. You’ll then learn how to manage inventory using your handy-dandy backpack, scavenge for supplies using the tools at your disposal, and practice various other survival techniques. Joining you on the adventure is your travel companion and sweetheart, Mia.

I won’t spoil what happens next, but let’s just say things don’t go exactly as planned. Your scientific expedition quickly escalates into a battle between life and death as you put your newfound skills to the test in an effort to survive a hostile jungle environment where seemingly everything is out to kill you. After going hands-on with the demo, we’re looking forward to experiencing more of what this in-depth survival crafting game has to offer.

You can play the free demo now on PC VR headsets and Meta Quest using Link. The full game will be available on PC VR and Meta Quest later this year. For more information check out the official website and follow development on Twitter.

Image Credit: Incuvo

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