You Can Now Delete Your Furniture Using IKEA’s AR App

Create an interactive 3D replica of your personal space using the IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner.

It was back in 2019 that IKEA first introduced the ability to preview furniture in AR using its IKEA Place app. Gone are the days of having to visit a store in-person to shop. Using a smartphone device, you can actually layer photo-realistic 3D models of existing IKEA products over the real world.

IKEA Kreativ is a new digital design tool from the Swedish home furnishings retailer that utilizes a combination of spatial computing, machine learning, and mixed reality technologies to deliver a unique mixed reality shopping experience. Not only can you position new IKEA furnishings and cycle through various alternatives, you can now delete your own furniture from the real world.

Built directly into the IKEA app, the IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner allows you to create interactive 3D replicas of your personal space using a remote sensing method called LiDAR. After scanning the room using a compatible iOS device, you can then delete your current furniture and replace it with new IKEA furnishings, including couches, tables, and beds, each of which features accurate dimensions.

If you don’t have access to a compatible iOS device you can instead upload a series of photos to the IKEA website at which point they’re automatically assembled into an interactive 2D replica. Once processed, you’re then free to delete and replace furniture at your leisure.

In addition to the Kreativ Scene Scanner, IKEA also introduced 50 new 3D showrooms featuring IKEA products and design ideas you can sample in realistic spatial settings. Of course, each of the products featured can be purchased directly through the app for maximum convenience.

“Ingka Group is passionate about helping people create a better life at home, and we continuously look to add value to our customers’ experience, both on and offline,” said Parag Parekh, co-acting Chief Digital Officer at Ingka Group, one of several companies responsible for the scanners core technology.

“Through the innovative, intuitive technology of Geomagical Labs and simple digital experience, we believe IKEA Kreativ will break down barriers to shopping for home furnishing, empowering people to go from inspiration to reality and design their perfect home.”

The IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner can be accessed by downloading the official IKEA iOS app or by visiting According to IKEA, the experience will be available for Android users sometime in the near future. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: IKEA

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