Yahoo’s AR Punishments Are The Perfect Way To End The Playoffs

Embarrass your leagues last-place-finisher with these hilarious 3D visuals.

League punishments are a staple within the fantasy football community. Those unfortunate enough to find themselves at the bottom of the bracket come the end of the season often times find themselves facing a harrowing gauntlet of humiliating penalties (pun very much intended).

This year Yahoo Sports Fantasy is offering fantasy football players the chance to further embarrass your leagues biggest losers using a handful of amusing AR visuals designed to induce maximum shame. This includes everything from a 3D toilet filter featuring the words “My Team Is 💩” to an AR newspaper highlighting the biggest fantasy failure of the year. My personal favorite is an AR stage for the main loser to perform a 15-second song or stand-up routine explaining why their team is so bad.

“Thanks to augmented reality, we’re giving you a virtual way to celebrate (and embarrass) those last-place finishers — sorry to the losers, but you’re not getting away with your bottom-of-the-barrel standing scot-free!,” says the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff in the official announcement.

There are five AR punishments in total, all of which available now via the Yahoo website, just in time for the end of playoffs. Simply visit the aforementioned link on your smartphone device, select the “View in 3D” option, tap the camera icon located in the upper-corner, select “allow”, and place the AR scene anywhere throughout your real-world environment. The victim then simply needs to stand on the footprints to receive their just desserts. Of course you’re able to capture every second of the humiliation to share with others for years to come.

Yahoo has also been using AR to highlight specific player injuries in greater detail, including Patriots QB Cam Newton and Bengals wide receiver AJ Green.

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Image Credit: Yahoo Sports Fantasy

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