XTADIUM Lets You Host Private Sports Parties In VR

Grab a front-row seat to major sports events on your Meta Quest headset.

XTADIUM is a premier VR sports hub from YBVR that allows you to meet up with other sports fans and watch live games and pay-per-view events featuring the world’s most popular leagues and sports. It also features a control room experience and instant camera switching, giving you the ability to direct your own experience.

You can set up a giant virtual screen and watch the action in your own private room or host a party for all of your friends. XTADIUM also features immersive VR footage that puts you right there with the athletes. There are even real-time statistical overlays to help you stay on top of the game.

We’re not talking about your basic run-of-the-mill VR experience here. YBVR packed the app with several cool features, including on-demand replays and immersive highlights.

Here’s the current lineup of content on the app:

In 180-degree VR:

In 2D:

YBVR is working on adding more sports content to the app in the coming months. In the future, you and other fans will be able to access subscription-only or pay-per-view content through authentication from their favorite networks and leagues.

“At YBVR, we are a team of sports fans and virtual reality enthusiasts who believe VR is opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities for people to watch their favorite sports,” said Sebastian Amengual, YBVR co-founder and CTO in an official press release.

“Drawing from the experience and technology we’ve developed during the last six years, we built XTADIUM to fulfill our dream of creating a new VR streaming application that delivers an immersive, interactive, and social viewing experience around some of the world’s most exciting sports competitions.”

“Having just launched NASCAR’s first VR race-viewing execution for Meta Horizon Worlds, we’re thrilled to see that content come to life in XTADIUM, too, and look forward to the additional opportunities this new app provides for further customizing unique experiences fans can’t get anywhere else,” said NASCAR Managing Director of Gaming and Esports Nick Rend.

With the launch of the Meta Quest app, fans can now experience the best of mixed martial arts and sports in a completely immersive manner. They can easily call up their friends and join the action through their Meta Quest headset.

XTADIUM is available now in the US via the Meta Quest Store.

Image Credit: YBVR

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