Xbox One Game Streaming Coming to Oculus Rift

You can download the app for Oculus Rift December 12.

The latest collaboration between Microsoft and Oculus will soon have you playing Xbox One games while in a Rift headset. The software giant announced that Oculus Rift owners with a Windows 10 PC will be able to stream Xbox One games to their headsets starting December 12.


Today’s announcement marks an evolution to the ongoing partnership Xbox has with Oculus, which if you remember form the launch of the Rift, included an Xbox One controller in the box.

For you Rift owners, all you’ll have to do is download a free Xbox One streaming app December 12 from the Oculus Store to get going. The Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app connects to your Xbox One via your home network. Once connected, your console’s video output is streamed to your Rift headset and projected onto a screen in your choice of one of three immersive VR environments: “Citadel,” “Retreat” and “Dome.”


Microsoft’s partnership with Oculus has been limited mostly to Xbox controller support, native Rift support for Windows 10, and this most recent game streaming announcement. But as the partnership continues to mature, it’s not a big leap for us all to hopefully see larger VR Rift support for future consoles.

Image Credit: Xbox

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