WITHIN’s ‘Wonderscope’ App Provides Reading Education Through AR Storytelling

‘Wonderscope’ is a magical window into an interactive world where kids learn to read using augmented reality.

The Los Angeles based start-up Within has a released a new storytelling app called ‘Wonderscope’, and its creative approach to storytelling will make you feel a whole lot better about letting your child spend all day an iPad or iPhone.

Available now via the iOS App Store, Wonderscope uses Apple’s ARKit to turn the real world into an interactive stage for a wonderful augmented story that children can actively participate in. But the value of Within’s storytelling app doesn’t end there. Wonderscope can actually teach your children how to read.

The setup process is fairly painless. First, you’ll need to give Wonderscope access to your devices camera and microphone. It’s at this point that you will meet Blob, a friendly on-screen character who will assist you in changing your setting. He’s so helpful, in fact, you’ll wish he was available in every app you used.

The first story featured in the AR experience is A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People. Written by Beth Garrod, this exciting tale introduces kids to three thrill-seeking individuals responsible for some of histories greatest stunts. This includes Betty Bromage, the 88-year-old grandmother who walked on the wings of a bi-plane; Helen Gibson, the first American professional stunt woman; and Charles Blondin, who was made famous for walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

During the story, children are able to help build objects, talk with the animations, even tap on the trees and make their branches shake.

“Millions of kids use screens as much or more than adults, and they often do it alone,” said Within CEO, Chris Milk in a press release. “With AR, we see an opportunity to change the dynamic. Rather than disappearing into our devices and shutting out the world, Wonderscope promotes a new kind of screen-positive experience, one that opens you up to everything and everyone around you.”

Wonderscope effectively lets your child participate as an active character in the story, sparking their imagination and helping them build confidence as they learn. Instead of feeling like they are staring into a device – they feel as though they are climbing through a window and into a whole new world where children explore their natural inclination of “learning by doing.”

Wonderscope is available now as a free download on the iOS app store. The experience comes packaged with A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People for free. There is, however, a second story available for an in-app payment of $4.99 called Little Red the Inventor, in which your children partners with a modern-day Little Red Riding Hood to evade the Big Bad Wolf, using their voices to stand up for what’s right.

Additional titles will be released in December.

Image Credit: Within

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