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This VR platform could change the way you buy homes.

A house is the single biggest purchase most people will ever make. That’s why homebuyers sacrifice so many precious evenings and weekends going to open houses, looking for that perfect home. It’s a big, emotional purchase.

Transported is a startup that hopes to reduce the amount of time buyers spend driving to and visiting potential homes using virtual reality. The Transported App lets you tour homes virtually, get a feel for them, and only visit the two or three that make the cut. Especially here in LA, the promise of exploring homes without having to spend evenings and weekends in LA traffic is particularly appealing.

Get Transported

Putting on a headset, you begin searching for houses by location, bedrooms, and price. You can read more about the house and get top-line information. There’s a VR gallery of 2D pictures and videos and, of course, the VR walkthrough.

virtual reality real estate app

My first tour began outside the house, standing in front of the lawn. I got a real sense of the neighborhood in a way that photos wouldn’t have done justice.

Entering the home, the VR experience was sharp and gave a great sense of what it’s like to be there. It was easy to navigate around using waypoints and jump to different places using the room map.

One useful feature was the heads-up-display-style overlays pointing out specific features of the house. The kitchen was outfitted with a brand new Viking refrigerator. The floor in the living room was hardwood, not laminate.

transported vr real estate app

Overall, the Transported VR experience was really effective. I knocked out a few homes in minutes from my apartment. I remember them almost as if I’ve been there.

“We’ve made VR technology accessible to any broker. Our platform lets agents create a VR home walkthrough in less than 10 minutes,” said Transported’s founder, Tyson Woeste.

“This isn’t just for out-of-town buyers or high end properties, we’ve put VR in reach of every day buyers and sellers…It’s a win for agents, sellers, and buyers. Time is saved, frustration is reduced and stress is eliminated, leaving only the excitement and anticipation of waking up in the home of your dreams.”

The Transported platform is currently in a closed beta with a small number of agents and brokerages. The app is scheduled to be published on Oculus and Steam stores by the end of October.

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