Wield The Mighty Vaxcalibur In ‘Virus Popper: Reopened’

Get vaccinated and mask up as you prepare to battle waves of virus variants in order to save the universe.

Released back in April 2020 on PC VR and Meta Quest headsets,Starcade Arcade’sVirus Popper is one of the goofiest VR games available at the moment. And thanks to a new patch released earlier this month, Virus Popper: Reopened, the educational action experience just got even better.

In Virus Popper: Reopened, you are an intergalactic space traveler on a mission to save the universe – yes, again! – from eight new virus variants threatening our galaxy. It’s up to you and your arsenal of customizable weapons with funky-fresh names like “Vac Bat,” the “Slurp Sucker,” the “Jazzeroid Rocket Launcher,” and my personal favorite, “Vaxcalibur,” to eliminate them.

In order to save the universe from this unparalleled threat, you’ll have to travel to new worlds. As you travel across the galaxy you’ll enjoy a kick-ass soundtrack byDJ Inkers guaranteed to have your head boppin’ while battling for the survival of the entire universe.

That said, these fights won’t be easy. Each virus has its own unique properties that require different approaches.

Like all good warriors, you won’t go into battle without proper protection. You’ll have the option to either vaccinate or wear a mask before facing off against the enemy. You can also double up on protection by doing both. It’s totally up to you! Those who choose to not vaccinate or wear a mask are far more likely to lose the game.

Here’s the cool part: Virus Popper: Reopened is not only a fun VR game, but it’s also an educational experience centered around personal hygiene! The more you play, the more the game teaches you about virology, including how a virus actually spreads. The game is an excellent way to educate users on the importance of personal hygiene without inducing a sense of fear or panic.

Virus Popper was a solid VR game before this latest update. Thanks to the crazy new weapons, tougher viruses, additional maps, and those sweet bangers from DJ Inkers, however, Virus Popper: Reopened is even better than before.

Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

For some additional fun, Virus Popper: Reopened also works with bHaptics suits so you can feel the virus variants infect you, so have fun with that. The game also works with LIV mixed reality, so you can create your own cool mixed reality videos to post on social media. 

Virus Popper: Reopened is available now and free on Steam and available for both the Meta Quest and Rift through the App Lab. You can pick up a Popper Pass which includes three awesome weapon skins, five different weapons not available through regular gameplay, special mask patterns to show off your in-game flare, and two extra maps. 

Starcade Arcade has also published a sweet Spotify playlist for you folks who want to listen to some of DJ Inkers sweet jams in the real world.

To learn more about Virus Popper: Reopened or Starcade Arcade, check out the company’s Twitter and official website

Feature Image Credit: Starcade Arcade

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