What Is The Vive Flow, HTC’s Mysterious New Device?

HTC teases new hardware ahead of its mysterious “Go with the Flow” event scheduled to take place later this month.

This week HTC Vive tweeted out an image of a mysterious canister with a lid next to a computer. The picture was accompanied by the date October 14th and the hashtag #gowiththeflow. Then, earlier today, HTC posted another tweet featuring a graphic with the text “Go with the Flow,” alluding to a big announcement happening at

It’s unclear at this time exactly what this device is. Based on recent images posted online and President Alvin Wang’s recent tweet, however, the ‘HTC Vive Flow’ could have something to do with a device called the ‘HTC Proton’ which appeared in FCC filings last year. According to the report, the hardware is listed as a “headset” with a model name of 2Q9R100. The listing also has the device under the Vive brand name with HTC Corporation as the applicant. Perhaps the Vive Flow is meant to be used in tandem with this unreleased device?

This past August another trademark was filed for a product called the ‘Vive Flow’, referencing a “[h]ead mounted display for computer-simulated reality, namely virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.” Is it possible HTC is hinting at another headset, one focused on working, home wellness, and entertainment?

From the looks of it, the lid and canister work together. The lid looks somewhat like a smart hub device similar to that of the Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo. Perhaps the device is meant to serve as a dedicated power unit for a separate piece of hardware? Considering the fact that HTC launched two VR headsets just last year, I believe the odds of the company announcing yet another headset are slim.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait until October 14th at 11am EST when HTC Vive lifts its veil of secrecy. In the meantime, why don’t we all just go with the flow. You can catch the action live at or in VR via the social VR platform Engage.

Feature Image Credit: HTC

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