Weyo’s Kid-Friendly AR Apps Offer A Magical Escape While Under Lockdown

Become your favorite characters from The Wiggles, Sesame Street and Oddbods.

When you were a kid did you ever fantasize about becoming your favorite TV, comic book, or video game character? Sometimes it might have been playing dress up, singing songs, or drawing pictures of your favorite character with your trusty pack of crayons. With the COVID-19 lockdown still in effect across the globe, kids and parents are actively seeking additional ways to stay entertained together (and if you can do it without getting glue and paste on the carpet, even better).

Weyo, a multi-award winning Australian app-design studio is working to help extend imaginative play for preschoolers using the world’s most lovable kids’ brands. Weyo believes in the power of play to support learning and development. Instead of simply watching content on a standard screen, children interact and transform into their favorite TV characters to create their own fun-filled videos.

Weyo’s apps are COPPA-compliant, 100% safe, and 100% ad-free. Weyo’s apps use your camera for the AR masks and dress-up play. Going beyond basic “age-gating”, Weyo does not track or store any images, videos, scans, or faces in the app – all images seen through the camera are saved directly on your mobile device and not on a separate server for added security.

In collaboration with The Wiggles, Sesame Workshop and One Animation, Weyo’s entertainment experiences let kids become their favorite TV personalities through the magic of AR. 

The Wiggles – Fun Time with Faces

The Wiggles – Fun Time with Faces is a whole lot of Wiggly fun for preschoolers. Sing-a-long with The Wiggles and play fun games while dressed up as your favorite Wiggle. Kids can become Wags, Dorothy, Emma or any one of The Wiggles and sing along to numerous hits, including Hot Potato and Do The Propellor, as well as the new Washing Hands song, Ballet with Emma, and Learning ABC’s. Kids can also stream their favorite verified video clips directly from their device, 100% ad-free.

Anthony Field, aka the Blue Wiggle, commented, “We love that this App brings happiness and joy to children which, after all, is what The Wiggles are all about.”

The Wiggles Fun Time with Faces has enjoyed huge popularity with The Wiggles’ fans all over the world, reaching # 1 in Australia and New Zealand, Top 5 on App Stores worldwide, as well as winning several leading industry awards for innovation. Most recently the app earned a nomination for the 2020 Licensing International Excellence Awards.

The Wiggles – Fun Time with Faces is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Oddbods Oddlife 

Oddbods Oddlife brings together the best of kids entertainment and AR to create a safe immersive world in which young ones can transform into their favorite Oddbods friends. With interactive games available throughout the day, kids and families learn how to make daily tasks fun and a little more “odd”. Join Slick in the morning as he helps kids brush their teeth, follow Bubbles as he breaks down the best techniques for washing your hands (20 seconds long for health guidelines), learn to calm down while stuck at home with Fuse, and play the yawning game to fall asleep with Zee.

With AR masks and accessories, your kids can play dress up, becoming Bubbles, Pogo, Fuse, and the gang. Hours of interactive and educational games and tasks, your kids’ imaginations and bodies constantly engaged in a fun and safe environment.

Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation, adds, “Oddbods Oddlife not only puts our little fans at the centre of a truly magical digital experience with high octane fun and adventure but essentially provides a go-to toolkit for parents.”

“We channeled that affection and utilized the magic of AR to let kids become their favorite Oddbods, turning their everyday chores into zany Oddbods adventures – from Brushing Teeth, Getting to bed, Washing Hands and even calming down a temper tantrum. No surprise that parents are some of our biggest fans.”

Oddbods Oddlife is available on the App Store

Sesame Street Yourself 

Fun masks and filters let kids sing, dance, and dress up as beloved Sesame Street characters: Elmo, Abby, and Ernie. This magical AR experience recognizes facial features and movements, mimicking the users’ behavior. Elmo’s mouth sings along when you do. Cookie Monster eats as you pretend to gobble cookies. Abby’s bright eyes move when yours do. Kids literally become the stars of their favorite Sesame Street songs. You can even record your sessions and relive the musical memories any time you’d like. Bring together as many as three friends and family to wear different masks and play together at the same time.

Weyo continues to work with Sesame Workshop to lead the way in interactive kids mobile experiences. The company will introduce a new subscription model as well as new content based on their “Caring For Each Other” initiative. The Sesame Street Yourself app, originally launched as part of Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, was the featured App of the Day on the App Store in the US, UK, AUS, NZ, and other key territories along with being named Forbes Best AR App for Kids 2019.

Sesame Street Yourself is available on the App Store.

Weyo CEO Baz Palmer stated, “Weyo has always strived to support parents and kids with quality apps and we can’t think of another time when there has been a greater need. Every one of us, big and small, is looking for activities that are engaging and fun in these #stayhomestaysafe times. We hope Weyo is able to play a role, no matter how small, and offer a ray of sunshine into a parent and child’s day.”

Image Credit: Weyo Pty Ltd

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