VR Party Game ‘Werewolves Within’ Gets Its Own Feature Film

Ubisoft’s VR multiplayer party game comes to life on the big screen as a modern horror-comedy.

Back in 2018, it was revealed that the popular VR party game Werewolves Within was being developed into a full-length feature film produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the same team responsible for 2016’s Assassin’s Creed film.

Today, we received our first look at the modernized film adaptation, and what we’ve seen so far has us genuinely excited for this upcoming horror-comedy.

Released back in 2016 on Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets, Werewolves Within is a VR party game based on classic “whodunnit” games like Werewolf, aka Mafia. Five to eight players are seated around a campfire and tasked with determining which member of the group is a werewolf in disguise by asking questions and voting as a collective. The social deduction game requires a certain amount of persuasion and deceit from those playing as the werewolf, often resulting in heartbreaking betrayals and plenty of surprises.

In theaters next month, Ubisoft Motion Picture’s upcoming film Werewolves Within looks to capture the same feeling of uncertainty and deception, only instead of the medieval villagers of Gallowston, we have the quirky townsfolk of Beaverton. Trapped by a vicious snowstorm, residents of the sleepy town soon find themselves at the mercy of bloodthirsty werewolves. Much like the VR game, these horrific creatures are capable of blending in with the crowd, which means anyone could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

Werewolves Within will be in theaters June 25th and streaming on-demand July 2nd.

The film stars Sarah Burns (Enlightened), Michael Chernus (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Catherine Curin (Stranger Things), Glenn Fleshler (Joker), Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows), Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock), Sam Richardson (Veep), Milana Vayntrub (This Is Us), and Michaela Watkins (Wanderlust).

Feature Image Credit: Sabrina Lantos

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