Weekend Downloads: New on Samsung Gear VR

Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR. Whether your up for some action adventure, crazy roller coasting, or just want to sit back and unwind with some guided meditation, there’s a little something for everyone to check out this week!

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR Content (6/4/16)


Sketchfab (FREE)
The folks who brought us Instamuseum last week have now made their way to the Gear VR. Teleport yourself to Rome, hold a beating heart, or walk among dinosaurs. Sketchfab is the platform to publish and explore a million things in 3D and VR. With a community of over half a million creators, it is the largest library of user-generated VR content in the world.


Guided Meditation VR (FREE)
Cubicle Ninjas is bringing us a good one to Gear VR, so just sit back and let your mind wander. This is meditation made simple & visual. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with the virtual relaxation app Guided Meditation VR. Use at home or work and let your mind vacation to exotic locations across the universe.


Haunted ($0.99)
You thought you were alone in the house? You’re not. Haunted is a short, immersive horror experience that uses the power of 360 visuals and audio to let you experience terror like never before. WARNING: This experience contains strong images and scary scenes.


Tactera ($9.99)
In this new Gear VR action-packed game, players will take on the role of Commander in a futuristic war room while trying to maneuver and lead their troops to victory. Choose from 12 highly differentiated units in this fast-paced Real-Time Strategy game played on a “virtual tabletop”. Good to see these RTS tabletop games quickly becoming a thing on the platform.


Stern Pinball (FREE)
Do you like pinball? This virtual reality arcade features exact recreations of the greatest pinball tables from Stern Pinball®. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

gear-vr-Rilix Coaster 4

Rilix Coaster (FREE)
Don your Samsung Gear VR and get ready to ride one of the best roller coasters around. Experience all of the heart-stopping thrills of a realistic roller coaster without every leaving your home. Strap in, because this is going to be one wild VR weekend.

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