Weekend Downloads: New Oculus Store Content for Samsung Gear VR


“Weekend Downloads” is part of our ongoing series of new Samsung Gear VR content to get you through the weekend. This week, the Oculus Store has added 3 news games and a premium video.

So for the Gear VR owners out there, you might have to open your wallets for this week’s Gear VR content, but worth checking out. Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR Content


Dead End Alley ($1.99)
Developed by Cry Havoc Games, Dead End Alley combines a blind alley with a horde of the recently deceased, some twisted humour, and you. Cleave the ambulatory undead with your trusty chainsaw. But be careful – it’s prone to overheating and stalling at the worst possible moment. You might get it restarted in time…


BASKHEAD ($3.99)
Created by an independent French developer, BASKHEAD makes its way from the Oculus Share store for DK2 to Gear VR. This party game lets you play as the basketball hoop to catch as many balls fired your way, letting you use your head movement to rack up as many points as possible. The game has 4 modes, including Arcade, Ultimate, Survival, and Multiplayer.


Pulsar Arena ($2.99)
Developed by Justin Moravetz and published by ZeroTransform, Pulsar Arena is a rhythm based shooter controlled by your head movement. The game takes aspects from tug-of-war and hot-potato and wraps them up in a musical adventure in space. The arena pits two combatants in a large hourglass balanced between a beating binary pulsar system with a 360 degree playing field. Looking at a PolyBlock on the beat will target and shoot it. Shooting multiple PolyBlocks in succession with the beat create combos, and special effect PolyBlocks like the Electric ball and Bomb ball mix up the gameplay.

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I Am You Video ($2.99)
Last year we interviewed the creator of “I Am You” and gave you a behind the scenes look on the set of their crazy shoot. This VR short narrative film lets you feel like you’re in a first-person perspective movie.

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