Weekend Downloads: New on Gear VR and Oculus Rift

Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

We’re kicking off the weekend with a ton of new content. Whether you’re in the midst of a magical forest in Oculus Story Studio’s Lost 360, now available for Gear VR, or flying over iconic Paris landmarks in Eagle Flight, from Ubisoft Montreal — there’s something for everyone.

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR and Oculus Rift Content (10/22/16)



Lost 360 (FREE – Gear VR)
Lost 360, from Oculus Story Studio, is now available on the Oculus Store. This short film brings you along an unexpected encounter in a magical forest. From the director of Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella, Lost 360 is an excellent showcase of narrative storytelling in virtual reality. You can find Lost 360 in Oculus Video, in the New and Top Picks tab.


IDEA B ($0.99 – Rift)
Explore this 7-track virtual reality music album recorded and engineered exclusively for Gear VR. Experience elements of the album that were recorded specifically for 3D positional audio—some guitar tracks, for example, are attached to birds flying over your head. Your VR environment can be paused, played, and rewound like a video, but you can still move around in it like a game.


VR Roller Coaster – Cave Depths ($0.99 – Rift)
Experience a crazy roller coaster ride in Cave Depths where the user chooses what direction to go with head movements.



Eagle Flight ($39.99 – Rift)
Developed exclusively for VR, Eagle Flight sends you into the skies of Paris to experience the freedom of flying like never before! Fifty years after humans vanished from the face of the Earth, wildlife and nature have reclaimed its cities, leaving you with a breathtaking city playground in Paris. As an eagle, you soar past iconic landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral, and dive through narrow streets to fight opponents and protect your territory. Eagle Flight gives you absolute liberty to explore Paris from a bird’s-eye view! Requires a third-party Uplay account.


Age of Diamonds ($2.99 – Gear VR)
Dive into this blend of pure arcade “breakout” gameplay, and original physics- and logic-based puzzles. Unlock diamonds by shattering all the bricks in the game. Sixty different levels will present unique challenges.


Overflight ($3.99 – Gear VR)
Dive into this blend of pure arcade “breakout” gameplay, and original physics- and logic-based puzzles. Unlock diamonds by shattering all the bricks in the game. Sixty different levels will present unique challenges.


S.E.N.S VR ($2.99 – Gear VR)
S.E.N.S VR is the first VR game inspired by a comic. You play a man lost in a labyrinth of strange laws. To complete this initiatory journey, it will take as much power of observation as it will imagination. Surprised by a mirage, swept away by a storm, flying over countless cities, you will have the pleasure of finding and losing your way without difficulty, but not without questions.


Twobit (FREE – Gear VR)
Using your sight, help a little robot approach problems and puzzles. But who is Twobit and, most importantly, who are you? Are you a figment of his imagination? The clock continues to tick and something terrible is on its way—can you and Twobit find a way to escape pending doom and ultimately unravel the mysteries of this dark and enigmatic place?


Vendetta Online VR ($2.99 – Gear VR)
Dive into the completely persistent universe and detailed storyline of this cross-platform space combat MMORPG, and play with thousands of other people as pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws. A fast-paced, real-time “twitch” style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy.


Boogeyman ($7.99 – Gear VR)
Young Thomas has just moved into a new house with a dark past. He finds a cassette player—with a tape left inside—and a flashlight. As darkness falls, Thomas soon realises he is not alone within the room. Use your flashlight to ward off the Boogeyman, it seems to be the only thing it fears. There are five ways into your room: the door, closet, window, air vent, and sides of the bed. Watch them carefully…


Room 202 (FREE – Rift)
“Let’s try this again, Mackenzie. We’re sick and tired of your lip. You’re not gonna talk your way out of this. So we’ve made this simple. We’re going to ask you questions. And you’re going to reply by nodding yes or no. Get it?” Your hands are cuffed. Your mouth is gagged. The door reads “Room 202.” Navigate your way through this experience using only the movement of your head, as well as your smarts, as a couple of dirty cops pepper you with questions. Will you sing?



Inception (FREE – Gear VR and Rift)
Every person should be able to walk around the seven wonders, enjoy front seats to a performance of a lifetime, feel the beauty of nature, and be touched by an amazing masterpiece. Inception is a leading provider of VR entertainment content. We bring immersive experiences to life, focusing on music, culture and lifestyle. We work with the world’s favorite artists, museums, and content creators from around the world to create the most immersive and entertaining content possible.


Chornobyl360 Interactive Documentary (FREE – Gear VR)
Users have a unique opportunity to plunge into various scenes from around the site of the catastrophic Chornobyl disaster: the ghost city of Pripyat and the Exclusion Zone.


Relax VR (FREE – Gear VR)
Find immersive relaxation and meditation in Virtual Reality. Relax VR lets you escape to beautiful locations around the world, such as The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia Rock, Pools of South NSW, Australia Dream Beach, Portugal, and more!

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