Weekend Downloads: New Content for Samsung Gear VR


Weekend Downloads is part of our ongoing series of new Samsung Gear VR content to get you through the weekend. This week, the Oculus Store has added 2 new games, 2 free videos and some promotions on a couple past favorites.

So for the Gear VR owners out there, there is a little something for everyone this week, all Gear VR content worth checking out.

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR Content (1/28/16)


BUTTS: The VR Experience (FREE)
A classic favorite from the Oculus Rift DK2, ”BUTTS: The VR Experience” is an animated short about love, trust and learning what it’s like to be free. Full of brightness and color, this experience will make you laugh and cry, and will return you to a place of childlike bliss. This video was developed by Tyler Hurd.


Escape Velocity ($2.99)
It’s the year 2038 and you’re sent on a routine mission to the ISS, but things don’t go as planned. Use your astronaut training to conduct a spacewalk and complete the mission. Developed by Setapp.


Neverout ($7.99)
Another game developed by Setapp, Neverout is a brand new style of puzzle game. Taking place in a small, claustrophobic room, you must find your way out. But beware, the rooms are not what they appear to be! Neverout’s key play mechanic of a rotating room is ingenious and is sure to provide hours of fun.


Nomades +/- 5 Meters Interactive VR (FREE)
This interactive VR video developed by NomadesTV lets you join BUNNI as he takes you on an interactive exploration of seascapes and explains the effects of pollution on the world’s oceans, from coral reefs to shark-invested waters to ice-covered seas.

This Week’s Gear VR Content Promotions (Sale)


Anshar Wars 2 is now 50% off until 2/3/16


Audio Arena is now 50% off until 2/3/16 and you can get started with the free version! Gameplay is generated by music. Dodge all the enemies and make clever use of your weapons to make it to the end.


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