Kick Back And Spark A Digital Fatty In Weed VR

All of the inspecting, grinding and burning you want, minus the smell.

With legalization-fever sweeping across the nation, marijuana is currently undergoing a renaissance unlike anything we’ve seen before. Thriving dispensaries, impactful advances in medicine, delicious THC-infused food, and now virtual reality? Sure, why not?

Weed VR transports users to ganja heaven, a paradise where fans of the devils lettuce can utilize their motion controls to browse, touch, inspect, select, grind, and roll a curated catalogue filled with highly detailed 3D models of various marijuana strains. These plants line the walls of a sleek, modern home which serves as a personal “tasting” room of sorts.

Other cool features include a nug-tracking spotlight, a magnifying glass, high-def close-up photos of each strain and information on each ones taste, effects, THC levels and other various details. You can then hop into the virtual lounge where you’re free to roll up your favorite pick and spark up it up for a quick taste. 

Weed VR will also has plans to eventually allow users to select and purchase fresh bud directly from their local retailer for a lazy, hassle-free weed shopping experience that I’m sure every stoner could appreciate. The project even provides its own custom service for licensed producers/growers that creates realistic 3D renders of their personal strains and bring them to virtual reality.

The idea of trying to sell and promote marijuana through VR might sound silly, and that’s probably because it is. But honestly there is some potential to the bizarre project that could shake up the weed game. If customers are able to use the app to purchase from retailers and dispensaries they’ve already purchased from and trust, maybe they could find themselves making their usual orders with a headset on. 

Afterall, users won’t be able to feel or smell the product, but so long as it’s from a source they trust, it’s possible the app could prove to be a fun and convenient alternative to schlepping to the store. Then again, why not get 3rd party VR smell add-ons involved so patrons can get a whiff of their potential purchase?

No confirmed release date for Weed VR just yet, though you can expect a release on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets in the near future.

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