Cartoon Network Launches ‘We Bare Bears’ Location-Based VR Experience

Serve up some lunch in this hectic 3-person competitive free-roam experience.

Step into the chaotic lives of Griz, Panda, and Ice Bear as Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated animated series We Bare Bears makes its VR debut with Food Truck Rush VR.

Developed in partnership with location-based specialists WePlayVR, artificial intelligence experts AiSolve, and game studio PHL Collective, the family friendly multiplayer VR experience puts teams of three in the shoes (paws?) of the shows lighthearted protagonists and tasks them with operating a chaotic food truck kitchen as it speeds from one destination to the next in search of hungry patrons.

Only by working together will users be able to successfully navigate the lunch rush and feed as many customers as possible before time runs out. Of course this will be easier said than done as teams will be faced with a never-ending wave of obstacles — from dangerous grease fires, to spontaneous squirrel attacks.

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

The location-based free-roam experience–which takes place within a WePlayVR standalone arena–is made all the more immersive thanks to 3×3 sqm haptic flooring located which responds to movements within the VR experience in real-time, allowing users to actually feel the truck as it makes a sharp turn, or the engine as it reves beneath their feet.

“When Cartoon Network mentioned that the We Bare Bears experience would take place inside a food truck, we knew our platform would be a perfect choice for the content,” spoke Devi Kolli, CEO and Co-Founder of AiSolve, in an official release. “When the food truck takes off on the adventure, our haptic floor responds to the driving, rumbling and creates a sensation of movement. This deepens the level of immersion and convinces them they’re really being driven around in a food truck.”

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

Although Food Truck Rush has been available to a small audience during a 3-month pilot program, the colorful LBVR experience will make its official launch during the DEAL show in Dubai March 24th, followed by the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas March 26th.

Along with Food Truck Rush, AiSolve’s location-based team is also working alongside WePlayVR on a 3 DoF motion ride entitled Rodent Rage. In this seated multiplayer interactive game, users select one of several off-beat characters and participate in a high-speed race through a wacky woodland environment. Using a unique, cockpit-like setup, Rodent Rage will be a standalone VR experience operated by card or coin, without the need of an on-station operator.

Image Credit: Cartoon Network

“We are thrilled to be showcasing a strong WePlayVR product line up this year at DEAL 2019 including the We Bare Bears multiplayer VR game and brand-new standalone driving seats with the Rodent Rage title”, stated James Anderson, commercial director of Bandai Namco Amusement Europe.

Rodent Rampage will launch alongside Food Truck Rush VR later this month.

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