We Are One Is A Multiplayer VR Game For People Who Hate Multiplayer

Keep your friends close, and your clones closer.

Do you love multiplayer VR games but hate playing with other people? Well then does Flat Head Studio have the game for you. Coming later this year to Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets, We Are One is a trippy-looking puzzle shooter that has you working with yourself to bring down an army of greasy machines hell-bent on destroying the environment.

Summoned by nature to defend the Earth, you’ll use the power of time travel to create past and future versions of yourself with whom you can cooperate to achieve your goals.

“Every action you perform in a time loop is precisely replicated by a clone of you in the next loop. You have to cleverly plan ahead and cooperate with your clones across time loops to fight back against greasy machines,” says the official Steam description. “Experience a variety of levels with new twists and challenges for you and your clones to overcome! If you want something done right do it yourself!”

Credit: Flat Head Studio OG

We Are One is scheduled to launch on Meta Quest via the App Lab and PC VR headsets later this year but you can play the prologue free now.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Flat Head Studio OG

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