WayRay Designing AR-Powered Ride-Share Car For Zoomers

“Metaverse on Wheels.”

WayRay, a Swiss technology company specializing in holographic AR, this week unveiled the Holograktor, an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle that incorporates various AR components to offer passengers in a next-gen commuting experience. According to WayRay, the Holograktor is a concept EV vehicle designed to “highlight the maturing of the breakthrough holographic technology.”

Built with ride-sharing in mind, the car features a unique three-person layout complete with a throne-like backseat that positions the passenger directly between the driver and co-pilot seats. While this may sound like an odd choice, data shared by Uber indicates that roughly 80% of its rides include a single passenger.

Image Credit: WayRay

The vehicle can be piloted manually or remotely from an ‘AR pod’ via a stable 5G internet connection. When in remote pilot mode, the steering wheel and controls retract into the dashboard in order to make room for additional passengers. WayRay states that remote drivers will still require a proper driver’s license in order to operate the vehicle.

“The idea is you can choose Uber Black, Uber SUV, or Uber Holograktor, and if you choose the Holograktor, your ride will be subsidized by sponsored content, so the price will be much lower”, said WayRay founder Vitaly Ponomarev. “This is a car designed specifically for zoomers, it’s for people who want to play and want to create and consume content.“

The car’s roof, referred to by the company ‘The Shrimp’, houses a proprietary holographic system capable of projecting animated color graphics on the front windshield. Using two seat-mounted joysticks, passengers can interact with a variety of interactive AR experiences, whether it be entertainment such as a multiplayer video game or information like traffic and GPS directions.

“Every feature and design theme is driven by AR holography, including the Shrimp”, addedPonomarev. “The occupant in the back must look out of the windshield, which is why the driver and the passenger in the front seats are spaced out as much as possible.”

The Holograktor features a look as futuristic as its interior. The vehicle’s modern, angular design pairs beautifully with its all-silver design, slim headlights, and suicide doors. In terms of speed, the car can go 0-62 in 3.9 seconds—not bad for an EV. As mentioned earlier, the Holograktor is strictly a concept vehicle, thoughPonomarev said the car is “being evaluated for production feasibility.”

“My ambition is to release this car four years from now and make it homologated,” he said. “That depends very much on the perception of the market. It could be, though, that we just use it as a white label concept to help other OEMs to make cars like this with our AR technology.”

For more information on WayRay’s Holograktor, visit here.

Feature Image Credit: WayRay

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