Watching TV While Flying A VR Spaceship Looks Rad

Now that’s what I call in-flight entertainment.

A little entertainment can go a long way during a lengthy commute, as shown by Reddit user manicmastiff81 who this week shared a video of them watching YouTube from the cockpit of a VR spaceship in the popular open-world science-fiction game No Man’s Sky.

In the video, we see manicmastiff piloting their spacecraft toward a large alien spaceport while enjoying an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring comedian Theo Von. The video appears in the bottom left corner of the cockpit, almost like a second display built into the console of the ship.

The virtual monitor was brought to life using tools such as OVRToolkit and XSOverlay. As pointed out by manicmastiff, a similar result can be achieved using the SteamVR dashboard, which allows you to pin desktop windows over virtual environments.

Needless to say, this kind of setup could prove beneficial in a number of virtual scenarios, whether you’re embarking on a long cross-country flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator or crafting hordes of items in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

Credit: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky originally launched in 2016 to mixed reviews. Since then developer Hello Games has released a plethora of free updates that have taken the open-world adventure game to incredible heights. This includes 2019’s No Man’s Sky: Beyond update, which introduced new online features as well as full VR support, turning the game into one of the best VR sci-fi experiences virtually overnight.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PC VR headsets for $59.99 via Steam as well as PlayStation VR headsets via the PlayStation Store.

Feature Image Credit: Hello Games

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