Watch This Trippy Reggie Watts Music Video in Mixed Reality

The beloved multi-genre artist continues his exploration into emerging technologies—this time in mixed reality.

This MR music video of musician Reggie Watts is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The video, published by Microsoft HoloLens, features holograms of the musician set in different locations.

Starting with an average rooftop parking lot but getting weird pretty quick—progressing to psychedelic technicolor mountains and low-poly cyberpunk virtual spaces.

The video was filmed with a HoloLens and demonstrates the creative capabilities of Actiongram, a Windows Store app that allows users to direct and produce their own MR videos by blending holographic characters with a number of props and visual effects, including Nyan Cat, Hello Kitty, George Takei, and of course, the new Reggie Watts collection.

Though the video portrays a pretty whimsical image of the app, it has serious processing capabilities—including hand-tracking and a scene manager that helps users decide how many holograms can be placed into a particular scene.

Next Reality gives us a little more insight into how users can put these features to (creative) work in the video below.

Reggie Watts isn’t the first artist to release a MR music experience, and with Actiongram’s user-friendly, immersive storytelling tools and capabilities, we’re expecting many ore artists to hop on board in the near future.

Will you be one of them? If you are, be sure to send us your work!

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