Watch The First-Ever Spacewalk Captured In VR

Spacewalkers is available now on Oculus TV and Horizon Venues.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to float through the dark void that is outer space? Well, wonder no more as the immersive content and technology company Felix & Paul Studios has released a new movie featuring the world’s first spacewalk captured in VR.

Available now on Meta Quest headsets, Spacewalkers – Space Explorers: A Special Feature was captured just outside the International Space Station using a one-of-a-kind 3D 360-degree camera designed specifically for use in the harsh conditions of space. The film is roughly 10-minutes long and features incredible footage captured in low orbit over a handful of days by the astronauts themselves.

For those unfamiliar with Space Explorers, this incredible episodic series takes you on an in-depth tour of the International Space Station where you learn more about the incredible work being done by its team of highly-trained astronauts.

What’s unique about the series, besides being one of the largest productions ever filmed in space, is that the crew themselves serve as the directors, camera operators, and stars of the series. The result is a thoughtful and captivating series with some of the most impressive footage I’ve ever seen inside a VR headset.

Spacewalkers – Space Explorers: A Special Feature is available now on Oculus TV as well as Horizon Venues as part of the “Always On” Programming from March 1st to March 31st. You can watch other Space Explorers content on Oculus TV.

Previous episodes, including ADAPT, ADVANCE, and UNITE, are currently available for free via Oculus TV. The series was shot using a specialized 3D 360-degree camera designed for use in a zero-g environment and features some truly breathtaking shots of Earth from the ISS. The most recent installment, UNITE, features incredible footage from outside the International Space Station as it orbits over 200 miles above the Earth.

If you’re a fan of space or cinema in general, I’d highly recommend giving this series a shot.

Image Credit: Felix & Paul Studios

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