Watch Conan O’Brien Get His Mind Blown in VR

He mostly wanted to know about virtual porn.

This may be our favorite VR reaction video yet. In a recent segment of Conan on TBS, the television host and comedian visited the YouTube Space in New York to get a taste of VR and mixed reality with the HTC Vive.

Introducing Conan to the “VR Lab” was Tom Small, YouTube Space’s Head of VR. “I am very interested in what this means for pornography,” Conan tells Small as he starts with Google’s Tilt Brush experience, allowing the comedian to paint in a 3D space.

While in Tilt Brush, Conan gets transported to outer space where he begins to trip out. “This is going to put the marijuana industry out of business,” Conan exclaims. “This is how Woody Harrelson feels all the time.” Fondling, rubbing and caressing the moon, “again, its all going to go towards porn, you know that.”


Next up, Conan jumps into the mundane shoes of an office worker in Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs. He eats a donut, “makes” coffee, and then proceeds to Xerox copy his face, promptly spitting out his brain that he shoves into the coffee maker to “get the caffeine right into the brain.” He switches occupations in Job Simulator, taking on the role as a gourmet chef where he makes a corn sandwich and a cheese sandwich. “This should be more pornographic, that’s where the future is,” as Conan proceeds to oil his body up with a bottle of olive oil. “I should be getting it on in this kitchen.”


Conan finishes up the segment with a bout in the VR boxing game The Thrill of the Fight, where it was obvious he just wanted to hug it out the whole time.


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