Watch Celebrities Conquer Their Biggest Fears In VR

The first episode will premiere on October 26th on Facebook, Instagram, and Meta Quest TV.

Meta is teaming up with actor & comedian Marlon Wayans on a new comedy series in which celebrities face their biggest fears in VR using Meta Quest 2. First reported by Variety, Oh Hell No! With Marlon Wayans will premiere next week on Wayans’ Facebook and Instagram. New episodes will also premiere every Wednesday on Quest headsets via the Meta Quest TV app.

Each episode follows a new celebrity as they attempt to conquer their personal phobia with the help of VR technology. This includes everything from acrophobia, the fear of heights, galeophobia, the fear of sharks, phasmophobia, the fear of supernatural entities, and zoophobia, the fear of animals.

Throughout the series, Wayans will be joined by such recognizable names as Anthony Anderson of the TV show Black-ish, Kelly Rowland of the music group Destiny’s Child, influencer Bryce Hall, professional wrestling duo the Bella Twins, influencer and singer Loren Gray, and comedian & TV host Loni Love.

Credit: Taylor Miller

“There’s nothing more fun than horror, pranking, and scaring friends,” said Wayans in a statement. “This show has all the above.”

Based on the footage provided in the trailer, the show features a unique combination of mixed reality technology and physical props. In some clips, we see the celebrity guests being tormented with different props, such as a rubber snake and a pair of music cymbals. It’s an interesting concept for a series, one that appears to make excellent use of the Quest’s immersive capabilities, not to mention mixed reality.

Credit: Marlon Wayans

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the hilarious and talented Marlon Wayans as he brings his closest friends face-to-face with their fears thanks to the power of virtual reality,” added Mina Lefevre, Meta’s head of development and programming. “We’re excited to partner with Jesse Collins Entertainment to bring these immersive experiences to life using Meta Quest 2.”

Oh Hell No! With Marlon Wayans premiers on October 26th. You can watch the show on Wayans’ Facebook and Instagram pages as well as Meta Quest TV. New episodes will be released every Wednesday at 9am moving forward.

Feature Image Credit: Marlon Wayans

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