‘Waltz Of The Wizard’ Update Takes VR Sorcery To A New Level

Use your gestures and voice to harness powerful magic in the latest free update to the long-established magic-casting experience.

The popular VR magic-casting game Waltz of the Wizard today received its biggest update-to-date, Natural Magic, which introduces new locations to explore, ancient magic to harness, and powerful enemies to defeat.

Originally released back in 2016 on PC VR headsets before arriving on Oculus Quest in 2019, Waltz of the Wizard has you casting a variety of unique spells using natural movements designed to immerse you in the game’s dark fantasy world. The original game took place primarily from your wizard tower; here you could mix ingredients to craft magical brews, destroy objects using your newfound magical abilities, and interact with a surprisingly humorous magic skull.

With the arrival of Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic, you can now enjoy a massive amount of fresh content that takes you out of the comfort of your tower and into the games’ dark fantasy world to explore new locations and battle dangerous creatures using a whole new set of gesture and voice-activated magical abilities. Directly adjacent to your tower you’ll find the new Castle Courtyard. Here you can learn to harness new magical abilities and interact with strange new creatures.

This is also where you can unlock the ritual circle, a magical portal leading to developer Aldin’s first procedurally generated world, a 40-level labyrinth caught between dimensions. Deep within this mysterious fortress, you’ll discover lost artifacts guarded by dangerous enemies that can only be disposed of using your new magical abilities, whether it be firing concentrated energy blasts or tossing your enemies like rag dolls.

Image Credit: Aldin

As previously mentioned, magic in Waltz of the Wizard is controlled by your gestures, allowing you to cast powerful spells using natural movements. You can also control specific magic using just your voice. By consuming magical particles (yes, you literally eat the magic) and letting out a scream, you can trigger powerful sonic waves, similar to the iconic “Shout” ability featured in Bethesda’s legendary RPG game, Skyrim.

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic is available now as a free update for existing owners on Oculus Quest and SteamVR headsets. Moving forward, the game will hence be referred to as Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic as opposed to Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition, and will feature a new permanent price tag of $19.99 (originally $9.99) to reflect the newly added content.

Image Credit: Aldin

The developer is currently working on additional free content, so expect new updates in the future. Those on Oculus Quest can use the built-in hand-tracking to interact with the in-game world with even more immersion.

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Feature Image Credit: Aldin

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