‘The Walking Dead’ Launching Location-Based AR Game

Google Maps will power the Pokémon GO like app.

We’re finally getting a preview of AMC’s upcoming location-based augmented reality (AR) game based on the hit series “The Walking Dead.” Dubbed “The Walking Dead: Our World,” the game will feature location as a core element of gameplay, closely following the Pokémon GO model for location-based AR mobile apps.

Along with the announcement from Finnish mobile game developer Next Games and AMC, we’re finally getting a first look at gameplay in this trailer uploaded to YouTube.

Google Maps will power the upcoming location-based AR game, letting you fight walkers on the streets, in the park, or just sitting on the sofa. Characters from the “The Walking Dead” series will also accompany you, so you don’t have to face the apocalypse alone—Rick, Daryl, and Michonne will be fighting by your side.

The gameplay preview has some serious fire fights slaying walkers all over town. A selection of weapons and real-time location tracking should give fans something to look forward to.

“With Google Maps, we can count on providing the most up-to-date location data, meaning that when new buildings or roads are built, we’ll have them in our game,” said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games in a statement. “This enables us to create an immersive experience, tied to the players’ location.”

“We’ve spent the last decade building a comprehensive map of the real world,” said Clementine Jacoby, Product Manager, Google Maps APIs. “We’re excited to be able to enable companies like Next Games to leverage our data to build rich experiences for their users to enjoy.”

“The Walking Dead: Our World” is slated to launch globally in Q2 2018. The game is available for pre-registration on Google Play in selected markets. You can go to to sign up.

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