VW’s AR Experience Gives You Three Months Of Amazon Music

Scan your next Amazon package to unlock a unique WebAR experience featuring the 2022 Volkswagen Taos.

Volkswagen has teamed up with Amazon for a super cool 8th Wall-powered AR experience that will arrive on select Amazon boxes during the holiday season as part of VW’s “Joy is a State of Drive” campaign.

The AR experience, which was designed specifically for mobile devices, will give you driving around in one of VW’s all-new 2022 Tao SUVs throughout different 3D maps and collecting fun sounds along the way by tapping on specific hotspots on your phone screen. Since it’s a WebAR experience, there’s no download required. Simply open up your camera and scan the QR code on your Amazon box. You’ll then choose your scene and SUV color.

There are four different AR experiences to choose from. Each map is paired with a specific SUV color alongside a unique soundtrack. “Road Tripping” gives you the Taos in “Pure White”, “Smooth Gliding” in Deep Black Pearl, “City Vibing in Kings Red Metallic, and “Rhythm Kicking” in Cornflower Blue.

As a sweet incentive to check out VW’s AR experience, you can unlock three months of free access to Amazon Music Unlimited simply by recording your AR adventure. Amazon Music Unlimited has over 75 million songs that you can stream plus millions of podcasts to choose from, all with no ads in the highest streaming quality. The best part is you don’t even need to own a Taos to unlock this benefit!

In a prepared statement, Kimberley Gardiner, Senior Vice President of Volkswagen brand marketing said, “Driving and music have always been a perfect pairing. This innovative, virtual introduction to our all-new Taos gives potential buyers a unique, music-driven way to experience another moment of joy from this SUV.”

Amazon plans on shipping over one million boxes across the country with VW’s “Joy is a State of Drive” QR code printed on them. 

This AR campaign is a follow-up to VW’s recent campaigns Drive and Road is Home, created in partnership with The Community, a creative agency for Volkswagen of America. The Amazon box experience brings the rhythm and style of these TV spots to life, but in a way where you can be part of the experience. 

Image Credit: VW

Similar to the TV campaigns, the WebAR experience theme is about the joy of driving and the music (or podcast) that fills the miles between Point A and Point B. 

“Our challenge was to evoke joy, creating a connection to the campaign work, through a different medium,” said Christopher Neff, Vice President of Innovation and Technology at The Community. “We were inspired by the origins of the music box and added the visual spectacle of WebAR plus interactive music for a truly sensory experience.”

You should start seeing VW’s  “Joy is a State of Drive” campaign on select Amazon boxes now. Or you can simply jump over to the Joy is a State of Drive website right now to unlock one of the 3D maps and check out a Taos. We’ve also included the QR code in this article! 

Feature Image Credit: VRScout

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