AR Smart Device Turns Your Favorite Goggles Into A Personal Swim Coach

Enjoy your favorite TV/film and track your workout stats while you swim.

Unveiled this past January during CES 2020 where it took home two CES Innovation Awards in both the Computer Peripherals & Accessories and Wearable Technologies categories, Vuzix Labs’ Android-powered Smart Swim AR goggles are now officially available for purchase, offering hard-core swimming fanatics a real-time AR experience the company promises will revolutionize their training regiments.

More of a peripheral attachment than a standalone device, Smart Swim attaches to your favorite pair of swim goggles, enhancing them with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 9-axis motion sensors, GPS and compass, and several other useful features, all powered by an internal battery capable of supporting 7+ hours of continuous use. A full-color display offers real-time data while you train, such as lap time and total distance covered. You can even download additional workouts and connect with your coach so that they can more easily track your progress.

For more laid back sessions, Smart Swim features a built-in video player allowing you to stream your favorite videos directly to your goggles while you swim.

(Image Credit: Vuzix Labs)

“Vuzix Smart Swim™ is more than a swimming coach or workout management tool as it transforms the world under the water with its built-in video player, replacing the mundane swimming pool tiles or dark lakes with your favorite TV show, movie or music video,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix President and Chief Executive Officer, in an official release. “The product is also versatile as it is waterproofed and can be worn on many types of goggles, from swimming, mountaineering in a downpour, or kayaking down the rapids.”

Those interested in upgrading their training regiment can pick their own Vuzix Smart Swim AR device for $499 via Amazon or the official Vuzix website today.

Feature Image Credit: Vuzix Labs

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