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The New Frontier program at Sundance has been abuzz with virtual reality over the past couple of years. The Sundance Film Festival is an integral snow-covered kickoff to awards season in Hollywood – and their New Frontier program keeps getting hotter and hotter, and this year the common consensus was: VR is only going to get bigger.

Established in 2007, the New Frontier exhibition in Park City, Utah was created to “provide the highest level of curation in the emerging [immersive media] field, incorporating fiction, non-fiction and hybrid projects to showcase transmedia storytelling, multi-media installations, performances and films.” Nonny de la Pena’s immersive piece Hunger in LA that debuted in 2012 in the program did wonders to fan the flames of the emerging medium, and the movement keeps growing.

We had a lot of Scouts on the ground this year, and so for this week’s podcast we sit down with a couple of the team who were out there on the front lines – braving the cold in the name of journalism…  and a bit of boogeying on the dancefloor.

We chat all things VR and AR at Sundance with Zeynep Abes and Jesse Damiani – from how the New Frontier program has grown to prominently feature virtual reality (and augmented reality!) projects over the last couple of years, the increase of social interaction-themed VR content at the festival, and we dive deeper on some specific standouts at the festival such as Life of Us, Mindshow, Chocolate, The Journey to the Center of the Machine, ASTEROIDS!, Dear Angelica, Zero Days VR, Miyubi, and more.

You can also watch our highlight of some Sundance VR creators we spoke with on the ground:

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