The VRScout Haunted Mansion: Makers, Monsters, and Mixed Reality

Last week we hosted the VRScout Haunted Mansion in Los Angeles for 1,500 of our closest friends. We brought together LA’s VR and creative communities to set up 20 terrifically terrifying activations and a night of stunning live performances blending virtual and physical worlds with art and music.

A Variety of Virtual Terror

We teamed up with our friends at HTC Vive to put together some of our favorite horror experiences and many of our guests had their first taste of VR in the most immersive and terrifying way possible.


We also brought together some of our favorite creators in Los Angeles to show off their mobile works of art and fear in virtual reality.

vr halloween

Little Red Riding Hood checking out Mad God by Wevr

Futuristic Live Performances

The night was filled with performances by a wide range of amazing artists and musicians thanks to a collaborative effort between VICE, TheWaveVR, and RamseyArt.

Tyler Ramsey revealing his haunted world in Tilt Brush

Tyler Ramsey revealing his haunted world in Tilt Brush

Using a mix of turntables, acrobatics, saxophones, and dance, these incredible performers brought the art and the noise. We even performed a wedding, hosting the bride and groom’s first dance in TheWave as spectators tuned in from all over the country to virtually witness two avatars in love.

vr halloween

Minds being blown in TheWaveVR

Event Photography Reimagined

Our friends at FoxTales worked with us to create a 360 photo experience where guests shared group 360 photos straight to Facebook from our zombie research facility.

360 photo booth

The VRScout Mixed Reality Studio

And finally, we proudly unveiled our mixed reality green screen studio at CTRL Collective in Playa Vista where guests painted live in Tilt Brush throughout the event, in awe as we composited them live into the middle of their art.

mixed reality studio

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Eric Chevalier co-founded VRScout after a decade of content marketing in sports, entertainment and gaming. When he isn't sandy, Eric is scouring the streets of Los Angeles in pursuit of the best new storytellers from Hollywood to Silicon Beach.

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