‘VRChat’ World Brings ‘Jet Set Radio Future’ To VR

Grind, wall-run, and double-jump your way through a meticulously crafted VR recreation of Sega’s over-the-top 2002 action game.

Those who owned an Xbox during the early 2000s are most likely familiar with Jet Set Radio Future. A sequel to the 2000 Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio, this instantly recognizable 2002 action game had players jumping between different members of a notorious street gang as they used inline skates to evade police while spraying graffiti throughout the futuristic city of “Tokyo-to.”

Currently in development by Lakuza, Waai! and Darkjayson, Jet Set Radio Festival is an upcoming VRChat environment that recreates the world of Jet Set Radio in immersive VR, right down to the infectious hip-hop-inspired soundtrack. According to Lakuza, this upcoming VRChat world will include everything you know and love about Sega’s over-the-top action game, from its legendary grinding mechanics to wall-running and double-jumping.

In addition to featuring several original characters, Jet Set Radio Festival features a layout near-identical to that of the original city, allowing older players—such as myself—the chance to lose themselves in a bit of early-2000s nostalgia.

According to Lakuza, Jet Set Radio Festival will be available to play on both PC VR as well as standard desktop. Due to certain hardware limitations, however, the world will not be accessible on VRChat’s Oculus Quest app, though Lakuza is open to developing a smaller version for standalone headsets depending on the popularity of the PC VR release.

No word yet on an official release date, though Lakuza will be streaming a live tour of the world for those interested in learning more.

Feature Image Credit: @LakuzaVR

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