VRChat Unveils Hand Tracking For Quest 2 & Quest Pro

Because motion controllers are so 2020…

The popular VR social platform VRChat yesterday announced experimental hand and finger tracking support for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, allowing standalone VR players to ditch their motion controllers and interact with the in-game world using their own two hands.

In a video accompanying the announcement, we learn exactly how the experimental feature works. Instead of pushing a button or pulling a trigger on your motion controller, you interact with the in-game world via a series of pinching gestures. The system looks very similar to how you would navigate the Quest user interface if that helps paint a clearer picture.

For instance, the game’s primary menu can be accessed by pinching your left thumb and index finger. You can then interact with the UI using a quick “air pinch” gesture with your right hand. Locomotion is done by pinching together your thumb and middle finger while moving your hand around like a virtual joystick.

You can also jump, scroll through content in the menu, and mute or unmute other players. Hand tracking even works with Avatar Dynamics, such as any physics-driven hair.

Experimental hand tracking is available now on Meta Quest as part of the game’s latest 2022.4.1 update. VRChat is available now for free on Quest 2 and Quest Pro via the Quest Store.

Image Credit: VRChat

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