VRChat Creator Amasses Terrifying Legion Of Cybernetically-Enhanced Whales On Oculus Quest

Tired of your current, boney form? Whaleface Industries has you covered.

There are very few virtual worlds more perplexing than VRChat. First brought online back in February 2017, VRChat has quickly grown into one of—if not the most popular and well-supported VR social platform currently available on VR headsets.

Perhaps it’s due to the open-source nature of the application; users are responsible for the creation of most of the game’s content, whether that be hand-crafted avatars and activities or entirely new worlds. As a result of this unmitigated freedom, interactions within the rule-free social space can range anywhere from genuinely heart-warming to straight-up bonkers.

With VRChat’s launch on the Oculus Quest, a brand new wave of users now find themselves exploring the platforms’ many digital environments and interacting with the off-beat community. Unfortunately, the limited hardware capabilities offered by the Quest has forced standalone users to choose from a smaller selection of less resource-intensive avatars to use.

As a result, VRChat creators have developed a handful of “Avatar Worlds” designed specifically for Quest users looking to change up their look. This includes Whaleface Industries: Underling Division, a brand new Oculus Quest avatar world with a very specific theme. The creator dropped the projects first promo earlier today, and to be perfectly honest I’m not quite sure how to feel:

“Have you ever wanted to serve a cause higher than your own?”, asks creator Walgesitch in the promotional video. “Sick of your current form and wish you could take those bony hands and turn them into fins? Well, we’ve got you covered! Perfected in the deepest Eldritch depths of the ocean our patented scrambler will give your DNA a good shake and make you a member of an elite legion.”

“Choose from one of our popular blueprints and experience the physical transcendence into a form destined for greatness. Be the whale you want to be. Whaleface underlings enjoy meaningful lives, researching, discovering and adventuring the world in search of organisms to blend into new forms.”

Put simply, Oculus Quest users can visit the world to access a variety of whale-themed avatars, including MOBY 543 and WILLY OCN. While each model represents a different species of whale, all feature lower-halves consisting of mechanical appendages, allowing the sea-bound creatures to traverse dry land in search of other animals they can assimilate into their growing army of animal cyborgs. 

Just listen to some of these reviews!

“You know, I never thought I’d want to give up my human limbs. But ever since I got mechanical prosthetics, I’ve never felt more free. Also, why does my skin itch?” – Unidentified humanoid orca.

“Once I was a cat, but now I can swim in the water like a whale. It’s awesome…” – Unknown humanoid sperm whale.

“I can’t feel anything!” – Distressed humanoid sperm whale #2.

It’s an extremely silly independent project, albeit one accompanied by a surprisingly funny promotion. For a split-second, I actually thought this was an unused Rick And Morty bit. So if you’re looking for a new Oculus Quest-compatible VRChat avatar that will help you stand out from the pack, consider taking a visit to Whaleface Industries: Underling Division, open now to the public via VRChat.

Image Credit: WalGesicht

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