Test Your Woodworking Skills In VR With ‘Vrkshop,’ Arriving Next Month On PC VR

Measure twice, cut once.

Available next month in early access, vrkshop is an upcoming VR woodworking simulator that allows you to saw, hammer, and craft realistic woodwork using a generous selection of virtual tools, including a saw and hammer, calculator and chalkboard, speed and framing squares, and a variety of other useful instruments.

Brought to us by developer scopatgames, players can select from two different game modes: Challenge Play and Free Play. Challenge Play tasks you with completing 1 of 10 projects based on a specific set of instructions, after which your project is graded based on a three-part project scoring system.

Free Play, on the other hand, allows to you to plan and build your own projects with zero restrictions using 17 different types of lumber. Free Mode will feature two environments at launch: the indoor workshop and outdoor arena.

For additional assistance, players can enable snap-to-guides and various other custom limiters to help you better control your tools. Those looking for a more realistic experience, however, will want to ditch the handicaps and go free-hand, though the results may not end up being exactly what you expected.

“The goal for the interactions and mechanics of the game is to strike the balance between a realistic, immersive, yet fun, experience,” states the developer on the official SteamVR page. “Extensive play testing and user feedback is required to hit that goal, which makes Early Access ideal for helping to refine (and define) the game mechanics and interactions needed to make this a challenging but satisfying experience.”

Vrkshop launches in early access July 15th. According to the developer, the game will receive continued updates leading up to its full release in early 2021. This includes additional tools, fresh crafting techniques, new free play environments, and the ability for creators to share their work with others.

Image Credit: scopatgames

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