VR Takes You Inside Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong Home

Enter the Bruceleeverse.

Created in honor of the martial arts legend, “Revival of the Memory: Bruce Lee’s Home in Metaverse” is an upcoming exhibition that will allow you to explore Lee’s old Hong Kong home in VR and participate in a “series of interactions.”

Located at No.41 Cumberland Road, Hong Kong, Lee’s old home, otherwise known as the “Crane’s Nest,” was demolished in 2019. Thanks to the efforts of three students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin), however, fans of the martial arts legend will be able to make their own virtual pilgrimage to the Crane’s Nest via the metaverse.

The project is being helmed by the Bruce Lee Club in partnership with PRIZM Group and will be available around the globe on July 20th, 2023, the 50th anniversary of Lee’s death. Moving forward, the space may be used to host various events and activities for fans. How cool would it be to attend a Bruce Lee movie marathon hosted in his old home?

“We want people to know more about Bruce Lee’s last trail via VR technology, and understand more about his ‘Water Philosophy’,” said Wong Yiu-Keung, Chairman of the Bruce Lee Club. “The project collaborates with universities and organizations including three young students hoping to pass on the Bruce Lee spirit from generation to generation in unrestricted formats.”

“Bruce Lee is a representative of cultural exchanges between the East and the West,” added Jeffrey Hau, Director of PRIZM Group. “This exhibition hopes to revive the traditional culture with the enablement of Web 3.0 elements and pass on Bruce Lee’s spirit to the next generation. As a digital marketing company, PRIZM will continue to embrace the latest technology to promote the cultural scenes.”

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Image Credit: Bruce Lee Club, PRIZM Group

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