This VR Simulator Teaches You Active Shooter Preparedness

SurviVR trains users how to handle dangerous real-world scenarios.

It’s not a secret that the world’s a little messed up at the moment. In fact, a little may be a bit of an understatement. Countless acts of needless violence are committed every day, which makes active shooter preparedness more important than ever.

That’s where Human Condition Safety (HCS) comes in. The New York-based company “helps workers and employers maintain the safest jobs sites in the world by using technology to reduce preventable injuries and deaths.” HCS has been the leader in on-site job security technology employing the latest tech from wearable security sensors to artificial intelligence protection. So it’s no surprise that the forward-thinking company has dived head-first into virtual reality with their new immersive experience SurviVR.


This scary-realistic simulator is a tool that instructs civilians on the proper survival skills necessary for handling scenarios such as mass shootings or hostage situations. The experience relies heavily on triggering certain emotions to provide realistic responses from users. Players are required to make split-second decisions in order to succeed. Combine that with a heightened emotional response and a realistic environment, now you have an experience that over time could make these decisions second-nature.

Chief Executive Officer of HCS Peter E. Raymond stated, “Traditional training was developed in the 1970s for drive-by shootings. Those response methods – to lock the door and hide – simply don’t work in the shooting, hostage, and terrorist situations we have today; in fact, they can get you killed. It’s important to understand how to respond in a way that maximizes your chance of staying safe.”

VR has already shown its massive potential as an effective instructional device, but SurviVR could be a huge step forward in making it the go-to standard for safety training in multiple fields.

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