VR Shooter Rogue Ascent Adds Twitch Integration On Quest

Viewers can spend bits to trigger special in-game events.

There are few VR games on the market quite like Rogue Ascent. This unique VR shooter turns your hands into finger guns, allowing you to blast your way through enemies using an arsenal of insanely cool weaponry. No motion controllers are required in order to play, though you do have the option of using the Touch controllers should you wish.

That said, hand-tracking is the real selling point. You can hold your hands up to make a shield, open doors using your open palm, and swipe through your inventory of gadgets. 

As if that weren’t cool enough, Rogue Ascent now features built-in Twitch integration, allowing you to live stream gameplay, communicate with viewers, and access unique in-game events.

In an official press release, Jordan McGraw, Game Creator and CEO of Nooner Bear Studio said, “I wanted to offer native Twitch streaming because I saw a gap in the technology that I recognized I could fill. After watching a streamer having to lift up his headset every few minutes to read chat on his computer screen, I knew there was a better way.“

McGraw added, “This feature is the Presidential red phone of Twitch integration. It gives streamers a direct line of communication between them and their audience. Of course, community engagement is key to successful streaming, so I wanted to facilitate those core interactions.”

Most VR experiences with hand-tracking are a little slower-paced to avoid tracking inconsistencies. Rogue Ascent sets itself apart from the pack with its fast-paced gameplay and surprisingly accurate tracking capabilities.

Adding Twitch to Rogue Ascent bridges the gamer and viewer experience in a unique way. It has been a heavily requested feature for gamers and Twitch users for some time now, and it was something McGraw knew he wanted to include in the game. The feature alone is huge for gamers, streamers, and VR creators alike. However, McGraw had a better idea and recognized an even greater opportunity. 

“I took chat integration a step further and gamified engagement by giving viewers direct control over the action. This system adds an intimate and engaging new dimension for both viewers and streamers like never before.

Viewers can engage directly with a streamer’s gameplay in real-time by donating “bits” (virtual currency viewers can spend to send short messages directly to streamers). Donating a certain amount of bits triggers an in-game “bit event.” These events can be “friendly or adversarial” depending on the settings chosen by the streamer.

McGraw and his team turned to popular VR Twitch streamer, ZStorm, to help showcase their revolutionary new system: “This is Twitch community engagement at its finest,” said ZStorm. “Rogue Ascent is, by far, the best Quest hand tracking game in existence. Adding the Twitch integration only reinforces my opinion that this is the go-to VR title for Twitch Streamers everywhere.”

In the eyes of the creative team, Rogue Ascent is a sandbox experience designed to push the limits of Quest hand-tracking technology.

“We are directly helping VR Creators make a living and giving them another tool in their belt to increase their engagement and growth. Rogue Ascent is the excuse Content Creators have been waiting for to begin playing VR content for their channels,” said Brandon Egolf, Co-Founder & CEO of Clique Games–Rogue Ascent’s VR publishing partner.

Check out our previous coverage on Rogue Ascent here. To learn more about the Native Twitch integration on Rogue Ascent here.

Rogue Ascent is available now on the Meta Quest for $19.99 via the App Lab.

Image Credit: Nooner Bear Studio

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