VR Shooter Gambit! Lets You Fight Baddies With A Defibrillator

Charge up your ‘Gun Fever’ bar to unleash hell upon your foes using a variety of insane weaponry.

Gambit! is an outrageous-looking VR shooter that has you joining a group of unstable mercenaries on a mission gone horribly, terribly wrong. The only way to escape with your life is to blast your way through multiple waves of ruthless bounty hunters who are looking to make a fast buck by bringing all of you in.

The game is rude, crude, and lewd in all the best ways.

You can play as four different charmingly unfiltered characters, each one featuring their own unique fighting skill and special weapon:

  • Frank prefers the pure violence of a chainsaw and the horsepower behind it when it’s at full throttle.
  • Udo loves the sophistication of a crossbow and how light it feels in his hands as he leaps around attacking his opponents.
  • Cody’s favorite is the explosive bow and how it rattles everything when it hits the target.
  • Kevin is the crazy one who likes to tinker with technology and uses a heavily modified combat defibrillator as his weapon of choice.

That said, there is a catch: you have to earn access to your special weapon by powering up your ‘Gun Fever’ bar. The more havoc and chaos you wreak on your foes, the higher that bar goes. Once you’ve unlocked your special weapon, you can use it to deliver serious damage to your unsuspecting foes. Special weapons are only available for a limited time, so make every shot count!

As the game unfolds, you’ll also come across special items such as power-ups, additional health, interesting rewards, and even a few masks you can wear to scare the bejeezus out of your enemies. 

Gambit! promises over 20 hours of gameplay filled with puzzles, mini-games, and straight-up chaos. The game is divided into three chapters, each of which features three large maps. You can play the game solo or team up with three additional players for some action-packed co-op. 

To make things a bit competitive, Gambit! lets you compete against other players around the world via a global leaderboard. There’s also a PvP game mode described as “multiplayer deathmatch.”

To keep things certified fresh, developer XReal Games has several free updates planned that will introduce new skins for your characters, additional weapons, and fun new minigames. 

The developers also included an in-game graffiti board you can use to show off your creative side. Try painting a butterfly! Or maybe a nice sunset!

Gambit! will be available on Steam later in the year, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist right now.

To learn more about Gambit!, visit here. You can also join the XReal Games discord to learn more badass nuggets of information ranging from the weapon and character design, gameplay mechanics, environments, story bits, and much more!

Image Credit: XReal Games

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