VR Shooter Core Disruption Features Motion Sickness Tech

Customize your futuristic war machine with over 9,000 configurations, from tank chassis and weapons to skins and modules.

*Update [1/9/21]: We’ve updated the article to better clarify which platforms the game will be available on.*

Brought to us by developer MPLEX,Core Disruption is an upcoming VR multiplayer game that has you stepping behind the controls of a futuristic tank and battling players from around the world. At the core of the game is a motion sickness reduction system designed specifically for more sensitive players. In Core Disruption, you’ll take control of a massive mechanical war machine. Your objective is to unleash a storm of massive firepower on your opponents while avoiding your own destruction. The last tank standing wins.

Being victorious will require you to think fast as you coordinate your attack against other players, all while being ready to switch over to a defensive strategy in case you find yourself in a tough situation. At the same time, you are in charge of managing the subsystems of your tank, taking combat gameplay efficiency to an entirely new level.

You can go head-to-head against other players in 1v1 battles or partner up with two friends for some team-based combat. The game includes voice chat, allowing you to strategize with teammates or trash-talk the opposing team. 

Core Disruption will feature a variety of unique customization options, allowing you to inject a bit of personality into your tank. In addition to cosmetics, you’ll need to choose a loadout that fits you or your team’s strategy and playstyle. According to MPLEX, the game features over 9000 configurations, including tank chassis, weapons, skins, modules, and subsystems.

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Unfortunately, rolling through a chaotic battlefield in a tank (or any vehicle) in VR can make some people a little queasy. Thanks to MPLEX’s simulation sickness mitigation technology, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort as you zip across the battlefield in your futuristic murder machine. The goal, according to MPLEX, was to create an entertaining multiplayer experience while reducing as many barriers to VR as possible. One of the biggest obstacles for those new to VR is “simulation sickness,” said MPLEX developer Nate Rothenberg during an interview with VRScout.

“We experimented with different ways to generate symptoms of simulation sickness by testing out different types of angular and linear motion in VR. Once we finished gathering the results from those tests, we came up with a few different possible solutions. After testing them, we found the gyroscopic cockpit solution demonstrated significant results, and we have designed the entire game around it.”

Image Credit: MPLEX

MPLEX’s motion sickness reduction tech actually sounds quite impressive. The gyroscopic cockpit system works by counter-rotating against the rotations the vehicle undergoes while moving over uneven surfaces. “This keeps the player’s point of view consistent with the game environment,” according to Rothenberg.

He states that the process could be used with other vehicular-based experiences as well; specifically, ground-based vehicles that can support a rotating cockpit. Outside of gaming, this technology could be used for certain types of VR training modules or even in the workforce.

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MPLEX has plans to support the game by introducing larger game modes and additional content such as new vehicles, skins, and other personalized elements. In 2021, the studio hosted the Core Disruption World Premiere Esports Tournament at the University of Maryland, where teams competed for cash prizes. 

In an official press release, Galen Stetsyuk,CEO of MPLEX said, “With the game’s modern features, we plan on creating a passionate VR community that can finally enjoy a high-quality, multiplayer experience that is immersive, sustainable, and accessible.”

Core Disruption will be available on the Steam and the Oculus Rift store on January 17th. Quest and Quest 2 owners will be able to play using a Link cable, Air Link, or Virtual Desktop. In the meantime, you can join the official Discord to learn more about MPLEX’s simulation sickness mitigation technology.

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